I'm Ready to Take Control


I'm so glad you're here. I'm Kylee Robinson and from the time I was young my parents taught me to happen to my life, don't let life happen to me. And so that's what I've done. I married my husband 10+ years ago at the ripe age of 20 despite the naysayers around us. We immediately found ourselves broke and deep in student loan debt. It took us some time to get our feet under us and to begin chipping away at the debt, but we knew the journey would be worth it. The tenacity, discipline, hard work and plan that helped us achieve that single goal has continued to pull us through many more challenges and goals in our life together. 

Kylee Robinson



If you want to live your life on purpose but you need a little help with direction, the steps, the plan, the self-discovery to get there, then you're in the right place. Join me as I too, continue to take baby steps, continue to challenge myself, and continue to go after hard, sometimes even "impossible" things. Let's do it together and curate a life you want to live.


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